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Terms and Conditions Modification - further explanations

Apr. 10th, 2005 | 05:12 pm
posted by: tienriu in skyehawke

Apologies for not being around to answer these questions - I'm afraid being on the other side of the date line makes sure that almost all of the administrators either reply within a few seconds of a post OR don't reply till twelve hours later. (It doesn't help that I slept in till midday either)

Thanks to Copperbadge by the way who seems to have picked up all the flack on this and been answering questions right, left and center (and occasionally upside down too). You can find his post on this here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/copperbadge/696788.html.

Firstly, just to allay one of the fears that seems to be coming out:
The Three Members of the Illiterati and some informationCollapse )

Also - before we go any further: the Illiterati are volunteers.  Their job is, literally:

Extension of Power
The rights and responsibilities granted to the Illiterati do not extend, as a group (although members can and/or may hold positions with similar or dissimilar responsibilities and rights elsewhere within the skyehawke dot com family of sites - specifically skyehawke :: forums) beyond the ability to determine if ToS and CoC abuse has occurred in relation to the archiving of (non)fiction by an account holder at skyehawke :: archives. The determination of the Illiterati will result in removal - either voluntarily or enforced - by the Administration Team or the author of the item of (non)fiction.

(The Illiterati - their rights and responsibilities)

The chosing process for the Illiterati can be found at the link above (but here it is again in case you missed it: http://forums.skyehawke.com/index.php?f=59).

Now, for those of you who haven't logged in yet or who are just confused, I hope this will help:
the modification, what was modified, and the plain English explanationCollapse )

All of the above was listed on the page that all of our account users were asked to acknowledge the next time they logged on after the 9th of April, 2005 (Australian). I made the mistake of not actually posting all of the above (the modification, the original content and the plain English explanation) in the forums forgetting that the link to the full "Terms and Conditions" wouldn't be as easy to understand as the modification.

What do we actually mean by all of this? (I know, the plain English section probably doesn't say it as clearly as I'd like - I really apologise, by the time I wrote that section I'd spent two weeks drowning in jargon trying to figure out a way to say what I needed to say)
Basically:Collapse )

For those of you who are really worried about this:
Age of ConsentCollapse )

Removing, Time and More LinksCollapse )
In summary:
This isn't an automatic ban on chan (underage or minor stories). 
This isn't an automatic ban on non-consentual fiction. 
This isn't an automatic ban on anything. 
NOBODY is going to pre-read your story before you post it to make sure it's 'okay' to put up.
NOBODY is going to run through the archive and pre-emptively delete any stories.  (And if they do, you should complain because they shouldn't).

If you are unsure about your story, you have several choices:
- wait till somebody complains and see what the Illiterati will do
- complain about yourself so the Illiterati have to make a decision
- talk to one of the Illiterati (though note they might not be happy with several thousand emails asking them to judge their stories when there's no actual need).
- wait till the Illiterati has to judge a complaint and use that as a case study on whether or not your story has the same situation.

NOTHING (I can't emphasise this enough) will be done UNLESS somebody complains - and by 'complain' I mean, uses that link at the top of each story that says 'Report Abuse' rather than merely leaving a bad email or writing something on somebody else's site, or writing about it in livejournal etc etc etc.

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